There are a million ways to heal once a soul starts to seek peace. It can be found in the smile of a stranger, the mountain air, the colors of a painting, or a yoga practice. As soon as our souls enter the earth they become susceptible to the harsh realities of living a human life and thus we simultaneously begin the journey of healing.

Shamanism is an ancient healing practice that believes that the soul must be tended to and cared for much like the same way you take care of your body. When you break a bone, you go to the doctor to have it reset. When your spirit is sick (soul loss), the help of a shaman can heal the root cause of the issue and in a way "reset" your soul.


When a powerful or traumatic event occurs soul loss can occur out of survival (this is also known as disassociation in psychology). These events can literally create holes in your spirit making it vulnerable to foreign energy which can manifest into the following human experiences:

addiction, depression, fatigue, low self-esteem, chronic illness, inability to heal, shame or feelings of guilt, feelings of unworthiness, not feeling one's personal power, suicidal tendencies, repetitive sicknesses, inability to release some emotional trauma from the past such as death, divorce and other loss, misfortune, faulty relationships


One of the jobs of the shaman is to enter into an altered state through a process called journeying and retrieve parts of the soul that are ready to return home. Soul retrieval is an extremely powerful healing technique that can jump start mental, emotional and physical healings for an individual.

Jillian is a shamanic practitioner who can provide soul retrievals. Other services include reiki, mediumship, spirit release, house clearings and psychopomp. To set up on an appointment please send an email through the contact page.

For more in depth information about shamanism and soul retrieval please visit Spirit Awakening.

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Tarot is Jillian's first love and entry into the healing arts. It provides a way to creatively explore your current situation revealing truths in a gentle way. Sometimes we become blind to our circumstances and have a hard time seeing our path. Tarot provides a guide to our story illuminating aspects of ourselves that can help move us forward on our divine journey.

To set up a reading please send an email through the contact page.

Jillian uses The Wild Unknown deck for all of her readings.