I found this image today when I was editing through photos. When you're a photographer you have so many outtakes. I have hundreds of random images. I'm pretty sure this was a shot that I took while I was fixing my settings on my camera.

It's a little off. There's something about this image that makes my brain hurt. I want to force everything to flow better to appease my analytical side. However, if I just let it exist without any judgement, my brain relaxes and I can enjoy the disjointedness of the whole situation. It's a practice of letting go and finding the flow of the image.

I find myself doing that a lot in life - fighting to make a situation fit exactly like my expectations. It's human nature to want to control everything around us. We try so hard to create our own realities but when it comes right down to the heart of things we're simply a part of something way bigger than ourselves.

Thanks for the reminder, friend.