Excellence is Merely a Commitment to Completion

We're a little over a week into 2015 and this year has made quite an impression already. I've been sick, felt an earthquake and witnessed freedom of speech be directly attacked. I don't know what's in store for this new year but by judging by the first week, I know I need to spend some serious time grounding myself.

One of my intentions this year is to channel my energy into completing projects.

"Excellence is merely a commitment to completion."

I've grown up hearing that quote my entire life. My dad used to play Bob Proctor motivational tapes in the car while we were growing up and that was one my dad would always repeat to us whenever we didn't want to do something. Lately, it's been ringing in my ears again and with the new year, I intend on developing as many ideas as I can.

Below is a completed time lapse video I made in December. The last step before completion is to post it to the public. I learned a few things through the creative process in this project:

1) If you have an idea, just try it. It may not turn out like you initially thought, but by completing it, you have created and contributed more to the soul of the earth than you could ever imagine. There is no harm in trying.

2) Committing and executing a project is an amazing way to practice meditation. When you allow the creative spirit room to work you are able to produce more quicker. Allow yourself to submerge yourself into a piece of work without holding back.

3) Enjoy it. Enjoy the process. Creativity is spontaneous and playful and when you put something together and let go of judgement, you end up with an experience that was quite fulfilling.

I recorded over 5 hours on the Cedar Springs Wine Walk. Music by the Black Coats.