Wedding: Leslie and Cameron Neigh

Every now and then I get the pleasure of photographing somebody's wedding. Back in October, I hit the road and went out to Jacksonville, Texas to photograph Leslie and Cameron's wedding at the Jacksonville Castle.

Let me start this by saying, Leslie is truly a badass woman. She builds bombs for the military. Yes. Let me say that again. She builds bombs! Her and Cameron met at a barbeque for their deployment. She gave him crap for being there not realizing that he was going to be in her deployment group. Once that was out, she changed her tune and started hitting on him. Hah!

At the end of the night, tired of wearing her heels and not wanting to walk home, Cameron picked her up and carried her the whole way back. They haven't spent a night apart since. <3

Here are some of my favorite shots from the wedding! Enjoy. :)