Feeling Creative

This past week has been a huge success in my creative life. I've managed to produce two creative projects all the way through. This is big for me considering I have a tendency to have great ideas in my brain and then hold them hostage for some "rainy" day that never happens.

My current music obsession is an album by the Black Coats called Drakula Friendz. It totally knocked T-Swift's 1989 album out of my life (she had been holding steady for about a month or so). I highly encourage you to listen to the album when you get a chance because it is fantastic. Also please note, the Black Coats don't sound anything like T-Swift. Think more like Dick Dale met The Strokes and they formed a garage band in El Paso during the 1970s.

It's been a very long time since I've felt inspired to create. I recently got the Note 4 and I specifically got it because of the high quality camera it has. I discovered a great time-lapse app and decided to try it out while I sat down and painted.

You can check out the results below: