Reasons Why You Must Take A Road Trip

My friends and I took a road trip this summer.

If you've never taken one, I urge you to make it a priority sometime soon.

Reasons Why You Must Take A Road Trip:

1. Planes are great for checking out the sky, but there is nothing that compares to traveling through mountains, deserts and forests.  Experiencing them by being in them takes you to a new sensory understanding.

2.  You get to play with time.  One week can feel like one month.  Each stop you make is a little adventure all within it's own.  There is a good chance you will never be in that exact area again so why not make the absolute most of it?  Take frequent stops and bring a camera.

3. It is an absolutely wonderful excuse to visit friends who live far away.  I love my friends and I love seeing them in their new lives.  Plus, they know the area making them a source to the best restaurants, the best bars and the best views of the city you are visiting.

The Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco Bay: July 2013

4. Road trips lend themselves to camping.  Why stay in hotels when you can camp out in state parks?  We were able to camp a few times during the trip and those were some of the best nights we had.  You will be able to find parks with camping in every state and they are definitely worth exploring.

5.  This is the time to be spontaneous!  Take different roads.  Get off the highway.  Drive to Vegas even if it is four hours out of the way!  Do whatever the hell you want, because frankly, who can stop  you?  Visit that historical marker down the dirt road.  Stop at the meteor crater.  Eat at that diner.  Take the $15 boat tour on the bay.  Do as much as you can.  I guarantee you will be amazed at how much you experience in a week.