April POD

Whelp...April has come and gone already and as expected, everything has changed once again.  Change really is the only constant.

I started interning again at KUT.  It feels great to start having some more work published.  I decided to start working on my journalism career and I am excited to be back with them.  Here is one of the stories I did for them yesterday.

Fat Cat Jonez has decided that my bed is not good enough for her anymore.  She has taken the liberty of sitting on Jill's bed and being her big blob self.

I only have two months left in this house.  It's wild to think that this space won't be a reality for me anymore.  Our house has continued to be a source of inspiration for me over the past three years and I know it will be greatly missed.  I'm trying to enjoy as much from it as possible.

My friend Alex is back in town after a two month tour with Craig Finn.  While he's not off being a rockstar, he manages at Hole In The Wall.  I spent some time out there a few nights ago after working crazy hours at the hospital.  It was nice to relax.

While I was there I met this girl with an amazing tattoo.  I had to take a photo of it.

The rest of the week was spent hanging out in my neighborhood and doing my best to relax.  I am a firm believer that one must take the time to chill.  It is important in staying steady.  This picture is from a neighbor down the street.  I'm not quite sure of the story here, but I think it's best to keep it that way.

This last one is a random painting I saw hanging on a fence.  I love it.  I love this neighborhood and I love Austin.

I have a feeling that May is going to be a fun month.  Summer is almost here!

Enjoy it.