February Pic of the Day!

So February has come and gone already! Whew...everything has been moving so fast. I say this every month, but it's true! Time moves too fast!

I've decided to reformat this project a little bit and use it and present it more as a narrative of the past week of my life.

I took this on Thursday the 23rd. I have a pile of books that are waiting to be read, but alas, they must stay next to my bed until I can get to them. When I was younger I was a huge reader, but within the past year or two, I've had trouble starting and finishing them. Is it possible to have a reader's block?

I think so.

I took this photo Friday morning before I went to work. These sandals are my old/new sandals. If you follow this blog at all, you know I have a connection with shoes. These are special ones for sure.

I got them for a trip to Europe in 2004. I never really wore them after it, but now they have returned back into my life and I love it!

I'm particularly fascinated by how my foot pattern has changed since starting yoga. These shoes definitely reflect the changes I've made in the way I hold myself.

I took this photo in the wee hours of Saturday morning. My work schedule this month had me coming back home around 11:45 at night. This pretty much sums up how I feel when I get off work.

I really didn't want to take a picture but I knew I needed to do it. I've found it's in those moments when you really don't want to do something that it is the most important to do it.

I'm glad I did.

It was beautiful here on Sunday morning. Spring definitely made an appearance. All the plants are starting to bud. I am looking forward to this next season and am really starting to get excited about Summer.

On Monday, I spent some time with my friend Jennie. This is her cat Paulie. He's got a bit of a 'tude in this moment but it's quite endearing. I especially love his expression next to the purple flowers.

After hanging out with Jennie, I went and saw my friend Joseph. This statue was hanging out in the backyard. I was immediately attracted to it.

I had to work on Tuesday and today I am traveling so this image and the next are also from Monday -- but who is counting? They're just small details right. =)

This last one is a lovely portrait of my dear friend Joseph. I love him. I think he is an amazing person with an amazing soul. You can see my homage to him here.

I asked him, "Joseph, can I take a picture of you making a wish and blowing on a dandelion."
He said, "Yes."

That is why I love him.

Unfortunately none of those pics actually turned out well, but at least a solid portrait prevailed.