Pic of the Week: This Too Shall Pass

I'm not going to lie...life changes have got me a bit down right now. Sometimes, it's really hard to cope with change. As much as I love it and I look forward to it, it is exhausting and can be overwhelming.

I feel like writing a poem. I know my poems aren't the best. I rarely take the time to sit down and actually work on one. They come out of my brain sporadically and very rarely do I develop them. Actually, that can transfer to all of my writing endeavors, including these blog posts. I definitely would like to be more disciplined in my writing but today is not the day I will start it.

Instead, I will leave you with this poem, spat out as we speak.

I've got these fragments
That float in my mind;
Parts of wholes that I can't describe.

I see them in the middle, or maybe it's the end;
Words and phrases I've yet to comprehend.

Eyes closed,
I try to see.

But they are gone,
Mere wisps of a scene.

Heart numb.
Mind dumb.

Next time, it will be best to let them be.