That Life, you know, It's a Trickster

After a year and a half of soul searching, my life has lead me to a registrar job at St. David's emergency room. I cannot even begin to express my excitement. I have no idea what the job is going to be like but I do know intuitively it is where I am suppose to be. That feeling is worth it's wait in gold.

As for photography, I have been experiencing a bit of limbo with it. I have definitely come to terms with the fact that I am not interested in being a working photographer. I could do it, but it is simply not what I want to do and the sooner I can accept it, the more productive I can be.

I've struggled with the thoughts of being a journalist or finding a career in the world of media, but that as well is not of interest. I can see myself working in journalism at some point, but it's obvious to me that it won't be until later in life. So, once again, the sooner I can accept it, the more productive I can be.

My seemingly aimless floating (I say seemingly, because, really, there is always direction) is finally over.

The ER job presented itself to me and I am going to run with it. I am a firm believer that you make the best of what life presents to you. I needed a job. Life said, here is a job. I said, ok life, not what I expected but I am down for an adventure.

We shall see how this goes. It's 3 12-hr shifts, leaving me 4 days a week to work and develop other things. Maybe a successful Etsy business? I think I'm headed in that direction...

And with that I say, cheers to figuring out how to successfully live! Life is filled with one big turn after another.