Pic of the Week: Infinite

"I didn't know which way to go, which was right or which was wrong, so I took any road that came along."

Five Feet of Road

Roads are an interesting concept. They're infinite. They take you to beautiful places. They take you to dark places. They twist. They turn. Sometimes you can see for miles and other times you can only see five feet in front of you.

You can travel with intention or you can travel blindly. You can accept the road you are on or you can find another one. You can take the high road or you can take the low road. You can turn back at any point or take faith in the idea that this road is your road and your road alone.

Roads heal you. They teach you. They show you things that you didn't even know existed. If you are always honest with yourself, you will always be on the right road. Sometimes that honestly can take you into darkness, but you have to stay calm, push through and remember that it's only night time on your road. Daylight is always on it's way. =)