Friday: 02/25/11

To J.P.
Austin, TX

We had a friend of ours pass away this month. We were duplex-mates last year and spent a lot of time on this porch in the spring. It's hard to believe he's gone. We hadn't seen him since he moved back to his hometown at the end of April.

Death is a strange thing. It's abrupt. There's nothing you can really do when it shows up but to keep breathing and keep moving and to trust that with time and patience we will get back into the flow of life.

J.P. taught me some things about life. My image of him is vivid. He had a strong positive energy and gave so much of it to the people around him. He made you feel good about yourself. He encouraged you and never said anything to bring you down. He was solid.

They say to dream of death is a sign that something is changing or transforming in you or around you. I'd like to think that the concept applies to the physical world. There's an ending but there's also a beginning.

I'll think of you often J.P.
Save travels.