Bright Eyes Roadtrip

Janeffer and I took an epic roadtrip to Georgia last weekend. If you follow me on twitter (@JillsStills) then you've seen this already, but for those of you who are twitter free, I thought I'd post the photos on here.

Roadtrips have a tendency to create clarity and insight into your life. We shared some of ours throughout the trip.


Insight #1:
"The why is the for in the road."

Insight #2:
"Adventure buddies in life are an absolute must."

Insight #3:
"Understanding who you are helps you understand other people."

Insight #4:
"New cities are just a big playground to get lost in."

Insight #5:
"PBR is worth drinking if it's $1.50 a pint."

Insight #6:
"Ima just do me."

Insight #7:
"Stay awhile my inner child."

Insight #8:
"Your inner child is your first child and you must take care of it."

Insight #9:
"Don't date people who don't read. It's generally a bad idea."

Insight #10:
"All good things in life are worth waiting for."

Insight #11:
"Come fire, come water, come karma. We're all in transition."

Insight #12
"Day drinking definitely has a time and place and that time and place is now."

Insight #13:

"It's best to eat crow with a fork and a knife."

Insight #14:
"We are living like kings."

Insight #15:
"No road trip is complete without stopping for ice cream on the way home."