Two Posts in a Day

I have so much to post! I'm just now having some time to photo edit so I think I will just post as I finish my edits.

My friend and I went to go see Union Specific play at Jax off of Guadalupe last week. I was able to reconnect with a friend of mine from high school. Although, sadly, we were meeting there to see her friends play for the last time before she moved to a new city.

She is awesome.

We drank beer and were merry together.

We then hit up Spiderhouse and watched people play with fire.

It was an excellent time all around. I definitely would see Union Specific again. They have a solid country-indie sound that makes me want to dance. They're playing tonight at the Saxon Pub around 11:30. If anyone has the urge to go, you should. They're good. =)