I decided to enroll into Photo 1 this semester at ACC. I can already tell it is going to be an amazing class.

It's the first photo class that will actually have art as the main idea (I'm trained in photojournalism). I'm super pumped.

The class is all in b/w film so I have a hot date with the dark room for the next few months.

Today we created photograms. Basically, you do that by placing objects on the photographic paper and then exposing the light to capture the object's silhouette and depth. It's a great way to start to understand the idea and philosophy behind printing.

Here are the ones I did today:

Photograms were especially popular with the surrealists. Man Ray was one of the big fans of this technique. He called them "rayographs" though. Hah.

This one I especially like. It looks like a face!

Our class will be doing this some more on Monday. Yay for school!