Miss Marley

Miss Marley
Austin, TX

I've been doing a little personal project with Jill and Marley where I basically recreate the same photo but in a different season....

Austin, TX
(part of Seasons Series)

Fortunately for me, Marley has finally forgiven me for the day we shot Winter. She did not enjoy the freezing rain at all. I am convinced she punished me by refusing to let me take her photo. We're finally passed it now and I am more than happy to be on good terms with her.

It feels good to write again. I feel rusty...it's almost like it's a dream from a long time ago -- familiar, yet not fluid. I used to write a ton. I would spend hours on end tweaking my words. I've been writing this post for about two hours now and this is how far I've gone. I'm slow and out of practice but I promise it will get better.

I am finally starting to feel like I have a proper photo blog. I hope everyone has liked the changes I've made. I definitely plan on still playing around with the design of it. I'm starting to realize I really enjoy design work. I love to make things look clean and simple.

I've been cleaning my house all night (hence why I've been writing since 2). I'm on a deep cleaning kick right now...it is insane. I've been digging deep into the depths of our house and scrubbing all of that energy clean. It's time for our house to rise to it's full potential...I'll be posting some before and after pictures soon.

Since I have graduated college, I feel like I'm finally back to being myself. It feels like it's been forever since I've been able to just chill out and take care of the most important things in life. UT really sucked the life out of me -- not in a bad way, but in an intense I'm-going-to-jump-you-rip-your-heart-out-eat-you-alive-make-you-pick-yourself-up-and-then-do-it-all-again-to-you-but-this-time-it's-worse-because-it's-time-for-finals sort of way.

To be honest with you, I miss the stress of it a little bit. I miss having a reason to have to get shit done. School taught me discipline and now I finally have time to apply this skill into all aspects of my life. Jill told me to chill after I graduated and it was the best advice anyone could have given me.

Discipline is a skill I am curious about learning. I think secretly I've wanted discipline in my life but I was too lazy and apathetic to work to achieve it which of course explains why I had no discipline.

To quote Jules Winnfield from Pulp Fiction, "...I'm tryin', Ringo. I'm trying real hard to be the shepherd."