Lucky Lounge

So, last Thursday night, my good friend Tyler and I went out to Lucky Lounge to see a few bands play.

JM Dobies is the one who suggested we go. I met him at my new job. You can subscribe to his podcasts for free on the itunes store. He features bands from Texas that were big in the past on his show The Texas Tyme Machine.

He's a pretty awesome guy. Just make sure you catch him before he has too many IPAs...haha!

The band playing here is called The Ugly Beats. I recommend them. They have a solid old school 1960s vibe. Plus, the keyboardist was wearing a badass dress, which, for some reason, I did not take a picture of...Fail.

Oh well. I did however, get a picture of the pool table. I thought it looked awesome and inspiring.

Tata for now!