Early Reflection

City Skating
Toronto, Ontario

I have been spending some time looking back into my past and reflecting. It is very clear to me that we are coming to an end of a cycle. We are at the end of a decade and things are very different from what they were 5 years ago -- let alone ten. I took this picture back in early January of 2007. I didn't have my nice camera or my nice lens. It was just a point and shoot that I had gotten for my 18th birthday. I loved that camera. It taught me how to look at the world differently. I didn't know it then but it was the beginning of a beautiful relationship with the world of photography.

I have been blessed in so many ways. I have a great family, great friends and all though we all have our battles we have to face and fight alone, I at least know I have a soft place to fall when times get rough. We're all fighting the good fight and that's all anyone could be asked to do.

I hope Christmas was nice for everyone this year. It's definitely been a different one than in the past, but change can be good. With change comes newness, and with newness comes the unique opportunity to choose a different path then the ones you've seen and experienced before.

I am trying my best to stick to my guns and do a pic of the day this month. I'm on day three...I need to shoot something tonight. I will post the December pic of the day hopefully in early January.

Enjoy the last week of the decade for what it is. Things will be different in 2011. There's no doubt about it.