Deep Cleaning

There is something incredible about deep cleaning. It feels so amazing after you're finished and you know that there is nothing left lurking in the corners.

Last night, I tackled the cabinet underneath the kitchen sink. Holy shit. It was bad...this picture was taken after I had already cleaned half of it.

For the past year, I had been putting plastic grocery bags in there on top of everything -- there seriously had to have been about 100 or so in there. That alone isn't too bad...but we have a leak. Wet, plastic, grocery gross and slimy. But they're gone now and it looks all nice and pretty.

Janeffer was hanging out with me but left as soon as I started making her help...haha. That's a lie...she had to go home to sleep, but Marley stayed around and gave me company while I finished the project I had started.

Honestly, it wasn't that hard to clean everything. I just had to bite the bullet and commit to getting it clean. This little piece gets the award for the grossest thing in there. I think it's kind of pretty though...Old, moldy dixie cups. It's a shame I had to throw them out...good for jello-shots.

After that, Jill came home and baked some sugar cookies from scratch. It's hard to see put she put red and green sprinkles on top of them for Christmas. Her nickname isn't Sprinkles for no reason. They were (and continue to be) delicious.

Speaking of Christmas, we are going to decorate soon! I can't wait...I'm thinking we should get a real tree this year. Wouldn't it be nice?

Jill and I got to hang out for a little's really nice to live with your best friends, especially when they're busy. You have the advantage of getting to see them on what little down time they might have.

I wouldn't trade it for the world.

I spent the rest of the night cleaning. I'm not nearly done cleaning. I still have the laundry room, bathroom and my room to finish. Plus, I need to really clean up myself...haha...especially now that no-shave november is over...


No. Never.
There's never too much information. Ever.

So...I've been having successful days this week. I have to go shoot Christmas pictures of the boys (and girl!) for Khaki's mom. I will post them soon!