I haven't yet decided if I'm going to write about what is in the photo or not. I feel, however, that the story behind this photo is so great it needs to be shared.

This was taken on our way from Austin to Houston January 12, 2009 exactly 8 hours after my flight to Mexico City was suppose to happen. Apparently, passports expire.

Well, what do you do if your passport expired the day before you were suppose to leave to go and explore the world? You go to Houston.

So, there I was, 8 hours later, dragging my friends across Texas in hopes of retrieving a "valid" form of identification that could magically let me leave the country.

This moment happened just after the moon rose over the horizon. The big yellow dot is the moon. We pulled over and I took a 30 second exposure of the scene.

It's just a reminder that some times there are detours in life and they needn't be viewed as a bad thing.